Japanese Schoolgirl Uniform: More Than a Uniform

Japanese schoolgirl uniforms are the most popular clothing item among young girls worldwide. They are common in anime and manga, Japanese popular culture, and K-pop music videos.
This is because of the innocent but sexy style of these uniforms. The high school uniform that appears in anime and manga is a symbol of dreams for many individuals who want to become students like their favorite characters in these series.
The most interesting feature of school uniforms is that they are full of details for establishing the personality and character of their wearers. With the customized uniform, a young girl can put her love and personality into one item. It is a symbol of their future image as a student while they walk down the corridors in the classroom.
The Japanese schoolgirl uniform has three tiers: junior high school, middle school, and elementary school. The design follows a set format that is strictly defined by Japan's guidelines. Each uniform is completed with a white blouse, a sailor hat, and a lacy skirt. After the third tier (elementary school), the outfit changes to a black chiffon dress. Elementary school students do not wear hats, and girls wear their hair in ponytails.
The obvious differences between these three tiers are the color of clothes, white for junior high school, black for elementary school students, and pink for middle school.
Junior high school students wear a white blouse, a pleated skirt that reaches the knees, and a sailor hat. The first time they put on their uniform is an exciting experience for them. The skirt symbolizes femininity and serves as a decoration that portrays their identity as students.

Schoolgirl Aesthetic Fashion: A Timeless Style

Schoolgirls have their own unique fashion style, and this is expressed in their uniforms. They wear their school uniforms in a way that shows an attitude that is expressed by their facial expressions, walk, and gestures. They know the trend is more popular among young girls nowadays - schoolgirl uniform-inspired fashion style.
Schoolgirl fashion is a timeless style. It never goes out of style, even if the season changes, because of its cute and innocent appearance. The uniform is a staple in the fashion industry that has been around for a long time. Schoolgirls can mix and match their uniforms with other accessories and clothing items. Variations in the schoolgirl fashion include wearing sweaters over the blouse, cardigans, skirts, etc.
This style never goes out of style, as it is always evolving. The most popular version of this trend is wearing sweaters to cover the sailor hat or a white blouse with colorful knee-length skirts.

Here is a list of schoolgirl fashion essentials that are available in the Modakawa:

Trench coat (for junior high students). Lace skirt (for middle school students). Nylon socks. Black blouse. Adjustable belts. Sweaters. Cardigans. Gold necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Pumps or Mary Jane shoes that wear with a skirt or pleated pants for middle school girls. High heels that can be worn with a skirt for senior high school students. Headbands, hats, and different accessories, such as necklaces, hairpins, etc.

Schoolgirl Fashion: How to Wear the Uniform

There is no other style of clothing that has a greater effect on fashion than schoolgirl uniforms. From the looks to the way they are worn, they instantly capture attention without fail. These items can be purchased in Modakawa, but for the ones who want to create schoolgirl style their own way, there are several guidelines that need to be followed.

Types of Japanese Schoolgirl Uniform

Sailor Uniforms

This is the most common type of schoolgirl uniform. The sailor uniform is a long, one-piece dress that has matching accessories that are based on the school's uniform. The ribbon around the top of a girl's hair matches her sailor hat, blouse, and skirt. Depending on the style, the skirt will be knee-length or ankle-length. The sleeves of a sailor uniform blouse can either be long or short. This is one of the most popular Japanese schoolgirl outfits simply because it is easy and cheap to make.

Blazer Uniforms

The blazer uniform looks like an ordinary European schoolgirl outfit, but it does not have a pleated skirt. The blazer is worn over a solid-color skirt; the skirt can be any length. Also, made out of solid colors as well, and you can choose from many different colors. The same color shirt is worn with a variety of different necklines. A few variations are also available with this type, including the addition of a scarf or tie to match the blazer and shirt.

Jumper Style Skirt

This is another type of schoolgirl outfit with long skirts. The skirt is white and pleated, with a matching jumper that is worn over it. The jumper can be solid red or white, or it can have a logo on the left portion of the chest area. Some schools also put logos on the sleeves or bottom section of the jumper to add a bit more originality to their uniforms. The same color shirt and socks are worn with this outfit, although a few schools have their own style variations to make it more comfortable or attractive.

Bolero Jacket

The bolero jacket is meant to be worn over a shirt and skirt in either a long or short version. Also, the bolero can be made from wool, silk, or cotton, although some schools may allow students to wear whatever fabric they like as long as it is not too revealing. The bolero is worn at different lengths, depending on the style of the school, and it can be worn above the waist or right at the hip. A bolero jacket is usually loose on the body, but some styles may be tailored and shaped to fit the wearer. The jacket is sleeveless, but a few schools have modified the jacket by adding long sleeves, pleats, or pockets.

Eton Jacket Uniform

The Eton jacket is a schoolgirl outfit that is worn over a blazer. The blazer is worn over the top of a jumper and skirt or two-piece suit. The top of the Eton jacket has buttons down the front, and it has a knot at the bottom. Some schools have different variations, such as adding pleats to the bottom of the jacket to make it look stylish. The tie that is worn under the jacket is a deep-blue color, but it can be any color that matches the blazer. Many schools put their crest or school logo on their shirt and ties.

Japanese Schoolgirl Uniform Accessories

There are many accessories that you can wear with your uniform. They includes:


Japan's schoolgirl uniform tops are usually made of a wool material, but they can also be made out of cotton or rayon. The skirts are usually short and short-sleeved, and the shirt is worn with a tie under it. A few schools have different variations in the style of their uniforms. You can wear a long-sleeved shirt with long or short sleeves depending on your preference or the styles that are worn by other people in your school. The skirt should be knee-length or ankle-length; it can have a pleated or high hemline.


The skirts can be long, short, or mid-calf length depending on how long they are meant to go below the knee. The color of this schoolgirl uniform outfit can vary depending on your preference. It is best if you get the right color that matches well with the rest of your uniform, including the accessories and shoes.

Loafer Shoes

If you are going to wear a skirt, then you will need some shoes that are suitable. On the one hand, they should be closed-toe or closed-heel shoes to match your school's uniform. On the other hand, they should be comfortable and be made of leather or canvas material.

Short Socks

For a school uniform, you can choose from black socks or white socks. It depends on your preference.

School Bags

If you are going to wear a skirt, then you will need some school bags that are suitable. School bags should be made from a durable material like nylon or canvas. Furthermore, they should have different compartments for your school supplies, like books and tablets, so that you can keep them organized and neat.

How to Choose Hairstyle for Japanese Schoolgirl Uniform

The hair should be styled in a way that complements the uniform and school's image. One style that you can wear is a ponytail, but this will not work for all schools because some have strict rules on hairstyles. If you do not want to wear your hair in a ponytail, then choose from the clip-in ponytail or bun hairstyles, depending on your school's rules or preference.

1. Simple Low Ponytail

The simple low ponytail is an easy and quick style that can be achieved in less than 5 minutes. The first step of this style is to tie the hair into two ponytails, but they should be close together at the back of your head. The next step is to wrap one ponytail around the base of the other one as you pull it down towards your shoulders. Secure this ponytail with a few bobby pins, and then secure the first one with a few more bobby pins.

2. Braided Ponytail

This is a unique style that a few schools allow. To make it, you will need some bobby pins to secure the braids, and some hair wax or gel to keep the braids in place. The first step of this style is to make three braids, which you can do with the help of a friend or your mom. Just make sure that they are all the same length; you do not want one side to be longer than another. Comb and tease your hair so that it is very neat. The next step is to wrap the braids around one another in a circular motion. Separate and slightly pull them apart so that they begin to fall, but make sure that they are still tight and secure. Secure them with some bobby pins, and then finish off by teasing the ponytail again for a good finish.

3. French Braided Pigtails

This is a fun and creative style that you can try out at home. You will need hair wax or gel to help smooth the ends of your pigtails, and bobby pins to secure them securely. The first step of this style is to comb the hair so that it looks neat and tidy, and then tease it. Make sure that all sections are equally long at the back of your head. Twist both pigtails together by bringing them over your head from left to right.

Top Ideas for Japanese Schoolgirl Uniform

Cardigan + Plaid skirts

If you are going to wear a cardigan, then you will need one that is suitable for winter and spring. It is best if you get the right color that matches well with your uniform and school's image. For plaid skirts, the main goal is to get a certain look and make sure that everything matches so that you stand out from other students.

Button-ups + Knee-Length Skirts

If you are going to wear button-ups, then you need a knee-length skirt. The color of this schoolgirl uniform outfit can vary depending on your preference. It is best if you get the right color that matches well with the rest of your uniform, including the accessories and shoes. The hair should be styled in a way that complements the uniform and the schoolgirl's image. One style that you can wear is a ponytail, but this will not work for all schools because some have strict rules on hairstyles. If you do not want to wear your hair in a ponytail, choose from the clip-in ponytail or bun hairstyles.

How to Look Better In a Schoolgirl's Uniform

Choker Necklace and Bracelet

From the one hand, you can wear a choker necklace or bracelet that matches your hair style, school's rules, or fashion trends with this uniform outfit. On the other hand, this choker is worn around the neck to complement the school uniform's collar. The bracelet is worn on your left wrist to complement your school's rules or fashion trends.

Boots + Stockings

Studded boots, thigh-high socks, and tights are some stylish schoolgirl uniform ideas that you can try out. For the boots, it is best if they have a closed-toe design so that your feet will not get cold in winter. The stockings you can pick some kawaii types to fit your schoolgirl's uniform.

Wearing School Uniforms: A Fashion Trend of Youth

If you are a teenager and want to look fashionable in school uniforms, then this is something you will definitely enjoy. You can wear the basic schoolgirl uniform to school, and instead of wearing a skirt, you will choose a pair of jeans. You can also wear sweaters and dresses with school uniforms to look even more stylish.

Getting a School Girl Uniform You Want

If you do not want to wear the same plain uniform, then you can choose from many different designs and styles. For example, if you want a girly look, then you can choose from frilly skirts and matching lip gloss for your schoolgirl uniform outfit. On the other hand, if you want a sporty look, then you can choose from short skirts with sports shoes. You can even wear your school uniform with a miniskirt or casual shorts to look fashionable. If you choose from the trends that are popular on the street, then you will add style and chicness to your school uniform outfit.


When you wear a schoolgirl uniform, your outfits should be easy to style and match with your current trends. For example, if you want to follow the latest fashion trends that are popular among the girls in Japan, then look up some Japanese schoolgirl uniforms on Modakawa. In this case, you can choose from basic high-school uniforms to trendier designs. Some styles might have skirts or shorts that you do not like, so choose unique designs that suit your taste and preferences and complete your look for a day at school.

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