What is a Neko Boy?

Neko Boy is a popular Japanese anime, which has been translated into English. For those unfamiliar with Neko boy, it follows the story of an adolescent cat-like creature that goes by the name of Nekotaro.

A Neko boy is a male version of the female character in anime and manga. The term comes from the Japanese word "Neko," meaning cat, which implies that they are like cats as they can be cute and playful. They also have a feminine appearance. This article will go over what Neko boys are and how you can turn into one!

What is a Neko Person?

The term "Neko person" is often used to describe people who identify as both male and Neko. Often, a Neko person will identify with many different types of animals or animal-related things such as anime characters, cartoons, furry art/culture, etc.

A Neko person can also be described as someone who has both masculine and feminine qualities in their personality. This is not a gender identity but rather an expression of one's self-identity through the use of multiple identities (masculine & feminine).


It is not uncommon for some individuals to feel like they are going through changes in their gender identity throughout life. It does change over time depending on how comfortable you are expressing your true self. However, a Neko boy is not a gender identity but rather an individual who can be feminine, masculine, or both.


Origin and History of Neko boy 

The first Neko boy was created way back in the year 1606, during the Edo period. It is believed that this statue was used as a ritual to pray for happiness and good luck. During those times, people from Japan would believe that cats possessed certain supernatural powers, and if you were able to use these powers, you could bring yourself good luck.


An example of this superstition was that cats could help you win elections or that they were capable of giving people the ability to perform "magic" spells. This belief became even more popular when cat-related items began being introduced within religious rituals and ceremonies.

The most important thing to be considered during those times was whether a woman was expecting a boy or a girl. At the time, having a daughter was believed to be difficult since they would turn into cats and have supernatural powers. This is why it became very common for people to pray for them while still within their mother's womb so that she would give birth to a son instead of a daughter. They believed that if this child were born, they would continue to keep their cats and further pray for more good luck and fortune.


The legend behind the origin of Neko boy has been passed down through the years by word of mouth. It is believed that because it was fascinating enough for people to hear, it quickly spread and became widely popular. Many cats are seen as holy animals in Japan, even to this day, especially since their religion believes that they can bring them good luck.


The uniqueness of Neko boy is evident through the commitment of many individuals who dress up as these holy creatures. They have not only performed as a Neko boy but have also created their own character. These characters typically include different personalities and features that may be unique to the individual playing them.


Although this phenomenon is not as popular today, you can still find people willing to dress up as these creatures. It is not uncommon for businesses and individuals to use this for commercial purposes such as magazines, advertisements, and even film productions. This trend has also spread to America, where it is very popular with the gay community in Los Angeles.


Characteristics of Neko Boy

The first thing you may notice about Neko boys when you meet them is their impeccable style - whether it be a suit or casual wear, they always look great. They take pride in every aspect of themselves and have an innate sense of what looks good on them because they put so much time into grooming both inside and out. Neko Boys also know their way around makeup, which can sometimes make up half their morning routine; one might say that Neko boys are masters at being beautiful!

Most Neko boys would say that their love of cat-like accessories goes back to their obsession with the old Japanese tradition. The image of a beautiful, graceful girl who loved kitties is what most Neko Boys fall in love with; Kitty girls are known for being soft-spoken and very elegant.


Neko Boy Playing dresses up almost every day in the house, at work, or even on an evening out for dinner. Neko boy is a Japanese phenomenon that has made its way around the globe and across different countries into America. Their culture and ideals are very important to them, so they will go to great lengths to keep up with their traditions, making it difficult for them to adapt to a new place.


Difference between Neko Boy and Neko Girl

The difference between a Neko boy and a Neko girl is that the Neko boys are more feminine while the Neko girls seem more masculine. This can be attributed to their culture, which states that females should not have any power of authority but rather serve under men. In many ways, this has translated into their dress as being very cute and sweet.


While Neko girls are usually very dark and mysterious, Neko boys have a softer side, which is why their outfits are more colorful. This does not mean that they cannot be as sexy as the other gender; it simply means that their idea could include bright colors, pastels, and floral prints.


Many people tend to always associate the Neko boy with an individual who is gay. This is not always the case; many straight men dress in a Neko style just because they love it and feel that it gives them an edge in confidence. Neko boys are unique and interesting individuals who have many great qualities that others can learn from!

Neko girls, on the other hand, are sometimes associated with individuals who are transgender. This is simply because they have a very different lifestyle than the average person; Neko girls are more reserved and elegant, which can inspire many people struggling with gender dysphoria.


Neko girls can be as elegant as Neko boys when it comes to their appearance. One of the most notable differences is that while Neko girls wear more feminine clothing, Neko boys will wear uniforms or short pants. It has been said that Japanese culture views this style of dress as a good luck charm for young boys.


How to be like a Neko Boy

During the process of becoming a Neko boy, there are looks and actions:



It includes Your hairstyle, eye color, tattoos, and piercings.


There are various styles of hair to choose from if you want to be a Neko boy. These include: Straight, wavy, curly, or spiky. The most common hairstyle you will see is a bob cut, but others also include different types of bangs and layers.


You can choose to wear necklaces, earrings, or bracelets that are all things that cats would be attracted to. You could also wear gloves, scarves, or collars that have cat prints on them. Your accessories and clothing will be used to make you look even more like a cat.



The most important part of creating your Neko boy identity is having the right eye color. Typically, people's eye colors are brown, but this is usually not good enough to be a Neko boy. The eyes are one of the most important parts since they can show an individual's emotions and feelings. If you want to be more convincing as a cat, it is important that your eyes reflect that but have a sense of mystery too.


Tattoos and piercings

As a Neko boy, there are three common types of tattoos and piercings:

a) Cat's eyes are on one side of your body.

b) A cat's tail on your back.

c) Cat ears are placed along the sides of your head (sometimes they are covered with long hair).

With these kinds of tattoos and piercings, it is easy for people to believe that you are a Neko boy.



With your appearance, you must also make sure that people see the attitude of a Neko boy if you do not have the right actions when around others, it is easy for them to believe that you are merely pretending to be one.How to act like a Neko boy:


a) Walk slow and seductively, do not run around the place since it will give off a wrong impression.

b) Be mysterious and playful around others, especially when they are paying attention to you. You can tease them by walking slowly or even purring; this makes people want to know more about you.

c) When talking, you should also make sure that your pitch is right.


Types of Neko Boy


There are three basic types of Neko Boy: Natural, Anthropomorphized, and Cosplay.

·Natural Neko Boy types

Natural Nekos are the ones that have been born in Japan or raised there. They usually know all the rules of being a natural Neko boy, so they tend to be more convincing and playful with their mannerisms.


·Anthropomorphized Neko Boy

They are basically Nekos that have been raised in America. Their characteristics tend to lean more towards American culture than Japanese, so they cannot always be as convincing as the Natural type is. However, since America has a better economy and offers more opportunities than Japan, Neko boys find it simpler to move to America and get jobs rather than stay in Japan.


·Cosplay Neko Boy

These are mostly foreigners that have heard about Nekos and want to become one. They usually wear costumes, but some may get the look right without it. This is not as convincing compared to a natural Neko boy because they do not know what mannerisms need to be followed to be a good cat.  


Why are Neko boys so popular?

Neko boys in Japan have been around for quite some time now, but it was not until recently that they became popular. This is mainly because a lot of Japanese people believe that girls should only be interested in other female characters or idols while the guys need to stick with their male counterparts.


Neko boys are also popular because of their appearance. They can appeal to a lot of individuals, especially the ones that like cute things. They have this cute appearance but can be very naughty, making them more fun and interesting.

Neko boys also offer people something different from what they are already used to. Since Nekos are from Japan, people feel like they are seeing them for the first time. Nekos also differ from cat boys and human boys; because of this, people tend to have more interest in Neko boys.

And yes! The reason why you see a lot of foreigners dressing as Neko boys is simply because Japan offers so many types of costumes for them to choose from.


There is also a common belief that if they wear the costume or get their personality right, they will become one automatically. There is no truth behind this belief, but it continues to spread.



Neko boys are not easy to tell apart from the other types of boys. Since they have the attitude and body of a human boy, even people that are knowledgeable about Neko culture may get confused at first. However, if you take your time getting to know them, there is no doubt that you will be able to tell the difference.


You need to follow certain guidelines so you can act like an authentic cat and not a fake one. You also need to follow the rules not to get hurt while playing your role as a Neko boy.


If you fail on any of the guidelines, the chances are that you will not last for long before being rejected by Neko society.


Enjoy your time as a Neko boy!


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