What is a Neko Girl

The word "Neko" is associated with the anime world. And, if you like manga or anime, you should be familiar with the characters who tend to feature like a cat. Moreover, they act like cats as well. So, humans who love to portray cat-like characters are called Neko girls.


Neko girls are fictional characters that are part of anime and video games. Neko is used to express cuteness and resembling cat-like actions. Apart from that, they represent childlike tendencies. Many people get inspired by them and wish to look like a Neko girl. Continue reading the post to learn interesting things about these fictional characters.


What does a Neko Girl Look Like?

In terms of anime, a Neko girl is a normal girl with cat-like features. Because Neko is associated with a Japanese word, you can interpret a Neko girl as a catgirl. In English, the word means "cat ears". Neko girls act like a hybrid creature that looks like a human but with extra features.


These include and are not limited to cat tails, cat ears, paws, and whiskers. Moreover, they possess a habit of ending their sentences with cat sounds such as meow. Neko girls are portrayed as some kind of comedic relief as seen in some series because of how they act and speak.


Moreover, they are associated with "moe", a Japanese word. It is used to represent intense feelings about anime characters who show traits such as vulnerability, innocence, and cuteness. These are some things that attract an audience.


Neko girls are categorized depending on whether they are dressed as cat cosplay or partly dressed as a cat. Girls that represent Neko as a partly dressed cat are sometimes explained through fantasy logic such as myths, race, magic. Whereas Nekowhich is cosplayinghas a broader spectrum and can represent anything.


Origin and History

Going through the origin and history of Neko girls, you can find fascinating facts about them. This cat-like character was brought into action in 1924 by Kenji Miyazawawho wrote about children's literature. The book that featured Neko girls was called "On the Fourth Day of the Narcissus Month".


It featured a gorgeous "modern girl" that was a human but with cat ears. So, that was the first instance where a Neko girl came into existence. However, many years later, the character was seen in a Japanese anime called "The King's Tail" which translates to "Ousama no Shippo" in Japanese.

It was the first animation that featured the now-famous Neko girls. The anime was released in the year 1949and it was made by Mitsuyo Seo. After that, there was no stopping for this anime character, and it started to grow. The character has been incorporated in many titles of video games, manga, and anime.


However, with the advent of Neko girls, there came Neko boy. But that wasn't a hit because of obvious reasons. Many people believe that cat-type qualities or characteristics could only resemble a girl and not a boy. Apart from history, Japanese people have a deep liking for cats.


Also, they have associated cats in different ways. It includes cartoon characters, cat shrines, and cat cafes based on cat Gods and cats. Moreover, many Japanese people consider cats as a symbol of good luck. For example, "Maneki-Neko", a famous cat statue in Japanis believed to shower luck.


That's why you can often find a cat figurine in almost every business premise in Japan. A popular picture of a cat raising its paws depicts it as a kind gesture. Therefore, the name translates to "beckoning cat".


Prominent Neko Girl Traits

In recent times, many Neko girls have been shifting to a different direction from the one that appeared normal once. However, the overall traits remain the same. Here are the traits that are visible in a Neko girl.

· Childlike, high-pitched way of talking

· Very naive

· Innocent

· Sport cute fangs

· Loves cuddling

· Display certain cat features

· Ending sentences with "meow"

· Either attached or aloof

· Always cheerful

· Got strong senses

· Amazingly stealth

· The comical aspect of a story

· Likes to have a master

· Wearing neck bells as an accessory

 Most of the time, Neko girls are portrayed as something that tends to show off their skin through the costumes. Moreover, they wear furry clothing or bikinis that are always skimpy. As such, it is treated as obscene sometimes. And, they have been tagged as "naughty".


Apart from that, the Neko girls are compared to their western counterpart, the "Playboy bunnies". However, Neko girls always resemble someone with innocence, childlike gestures, cute, and playful just like the cats.


Japan's History with Neko

Japan has a long-standing history with this popular character. A Neko girl, or otherwise called Nekomimitranslates to "cat ears" in Japanese. Neko is used to express cat-like behaviors. The word Neko has long been used in Japanand it dates back to 1924 with the first catgirl character appeared on a Japanese anime series by Kenji Miyazawa.


In 1948 an animator Mitsuyo Seo made an anime based on Neko girls. That is where things turned good for Neko. The purpose of the anime was to focus on Nekomimi, which is a cat-like hybrid of a human. It was adorable, cute, and people loved them.


Apart from the media hype, Japan had a deep connection with cats. The Japanese have a real fascination for catsand that starts from Cat Gods to monsters that resemble cats, to cat spirits. Japanese people respect cats because they hold a special place in their hearts.


In short, cats are of great importance and value to the people living in Japan. However, other cultures in the world, be it the Chinese or Egyptians, consider cats as something that belongs to the other world. Cats have an important place in Japanese culture.


Some Types of Neko Girls

· Natural Neko girl - As the term itself is self-explanatory, a natural Neko girl is the most common one. While they have a human appearance, they possess a tail and cat ears that are permanent limbs. Either they were born with themor the parts sprouted later as they grew in age.

· Cosplay Neko girl - These types of Neko girls are 100% human. But they tend to wear fake cat ears supported by a headband and artificial tails to make the appearance similar to a cat. Moreover, they try to act like a true Neko girl in the best possible way.

Neko girls are popular in the cosplay scene. Some people enjoy being a cat and like to express themselves as undeniable cuteness by dressing like a Nekomimi.

· Transforming Neko girl - They have primary human charactersand they can transform into a cat humanoid whenever they want, anytime, anywhere. They do so whether to become cute or fight against evil.


However, they are specific triggering factors regarding their transformation. For example, Kyo Sohma from the "Fruits Basket" transforms into a cat after getting hugged by the opposite sex.


· More Types - Another Neko girl category comprises the monster or beast girl. It is the opposite of a natural-born Neko girl. Apart from the fact that Nekomimis are much like humans meaning that they don't have fur on their bodies except on the tails and ears, monster girls have some fur on their skin.


However, it isn't furry after all. One good example should be Felicia from the anime Darkstalkers. This monster Neko girl wears a "furkini" and has fur all over with oversized hands and feet. Also, she got claws as well.


How to be Like a Neko Girl 

· Looks - To begin with, Neko girls should have cat ears and tails. Wearing a fake tail and cat ears headband will do the trick. Showing a tail might make you feel uncomfortable in populated areas. But that's how it should be done and ready to get some "meow".

Growing your nails is another important thing. While the popular color for the nails is black, you can wear any color matching your outfit. Natural makeup suit best with Nekomimi. However, a clean, smooth face is a must-have.


To have that perfect body, take regular exercise and eat healthy food. While it is good to check out the latest trend in outfits, developing your unique style and put on cute clothes.

· Action - If you have watched anime or manga representing a Neko, you may have heard the "nyaa" sound. In Japanese, it means "meow". Don't forget to incorporate this word in most of your sentences. Remain positive all the time and give your best shot.


Keep in mind that when you are roleplaying a Nekomimi, do what cats do best. These include rolling around, being attracted to catnip, eat milk and fish, and so on. However, don't do in excess. Flick your ears and tail sometimes, but slowly.


Difference between Neko Girl and Furries

As discussed earlier, you have to be covered with lots of furs for people to call you a furry. As with Neko girls, most of them have sprouting furs that are almost small in amount. Furries, on the other hand, are covered with furs from head to foot.


While they are anthropomorphic, they resemble animals in terms of looks. However, they can talk, walk and act like humans. Furries have mainly originated from 3D animation series and are more prominent in cartoons.


Moreover, you can find out the difference between the two by looking at their characteristics and features. Another difference is that Furries originated in the US whereas Nekomimi originated in Japanese anime.


Associated With Cats And Women

Neko girls are associated with cats and womenand there is no denying that. While it originated as a fictional character, it gardened lots of attention later and became one of the sensational things happening in society. And people have accepted them for a long time.


Cats and women share almost the same instinctand Nekomimi beautifully displays their innate qualities and characters. While some people might find them obsolete and vulgar, the reality is nowhere near it. A Neko girl has the characteristic of a cat and woman.


Why are Neko Girls so Attractive?

Neko girls are associated with the feminine and attractive qualities that improve the fictional character. They are shown as innocent, naive, and have a carefree nature. The overall look is cute and attracts people. The appearance and personality fall in line with the Japanese concept of "moe".


Moreover, adding these characteristics with playfulness, cuteness, ears, and tail and wearing personalized outfits makes them look more adorable. All these things add to the "moe" concept and make the character more appealing. The cat ears and tail give away the emotions and express them intensely.


And, this form of styling is less explicit and more innocent compared to the Playboy bunnies from the West. There are lots of character types that a person can double as Nekomimi. So, whether it is a "dream girl" or "magical girlfriend" or anything, they are attractive from all aspects.


Variations and Sub-Types

· The catgirl and the trap - Used as a mode of anime talk, a "trap" represents a male-to-female cross. The idea of being trapped lies with the male who becomes infatuated with the catgirl because they are male. It creates a humorous situation as their biological nature gets revealed.


· The catgirl and the maid - It signifies the moe for both maids and catgirls. Because fetishized maid outfits are common in manga and anime as cat ears, it might make sense to combine them into a single character.

· Other variations - Foxes and bunnies are the most common but in human form. Fox-people in anime are associated with traditional Japanese culture. They symbolize elegant beauty and tradition as opposed to the cutest nature as depicted in anime.



The real phenomenon about Neko girls is about how humans consider animals. Also, it reflects certain traits that look attractive to girls and women. And, whenever people watch Nekomimi on anime or mangait makes them feel satisfied.

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