Top Egirl Makeup Looks

Every generation has its own attributes that make its presence felt in the youth belonging to that time. Since 2020, a new kind of aesthetic subculture has emerged and it centers around the online persona along with the social media presence of teens and young people. It was slowly gaining momentum from the tag and of 2019, thanks to the TikTok Memes, Instagram, and YouTube Bloggers. Besides dance, outfits, and makeup, the concept of eGirl also represents the ever-glamorous Generation Z.


What is an eGirl?

E-girl, which actually means electronic girl in the same way that email refers to electronic mail. Some people describe the trend as a combination of emo, skater, anime, and goth. It's a trademark of thick and long eyeliner with some cute and attractive shapes on the sides of the eyes.

An e-girl, when they are out of their fame or videos, they are simple girls next door. In real life, they don't possess any extra attributes or anything peculiar with which you can label them. They are the normal teenage and young girls who are happy experimenting with their hair colors, which implies that you can never see their hair in the regular black, brown, or red shades.


While many people say that egirls came into being from the rise of TikTok, many people say that they resemble the Tumblr girls from 2010.


The primary point of difference between an e-girl and a regular influencer is that while the latter gets paid to try out new things and click the stupendous picture on spectacular locations, an e-girl typically works from their own home. And they may not be making money by posting stuff online. They are mostly seen uploading pictures that focus on their outfit, makeup, and their lifestyle as a whole.


Above everything, being an e-girl is also about the virtual fame for being themselves in their own distinct e-girl makeup that comprises Fuschia hair, fluorescent eyeshadows, large hair clips, and most importantly, winged eyeliner.


When it comes to the outfit, it can be bought from the popular thrift stores which they often alter as per their choice and preferences. The fundamental pieces of an outfit worn by these girls mostly contain mesh t-shirts, short skirts, and ring collars.


The name e-girl can also be self-imposed. Quite similar to most of the trending subcultures stemming from the internet, there is no specification that can identify you as one. It can be called liberty which the internet has given to all of us. Because of this power, anyone can dress up the way they wish to become and act like them.


Choose an Egirl Makeup Style Looks

If you want to explore the looks of the true Gen Z member and try out the egirl makeup, the next step is to put on some iconic makeup looks that are trending with tons of hashtags. Here go the top 7 makeup looks that can pave the way for your amazing transformation.


1. Peachy EGirl Makeup

This one's a cute emo peachy look that's suitable for any egirl makeup. Much before TiktTok girls were trending, the famous YouTuber called Eve Frsr conceptualized this look. As her followers started commenting on the new look that she's created, she stated that technically, she falls under the category of this well-known subculture.


2. Egirl Makeup Look

This is another egirl makeup look that comprises heavy eyelashes and an eyeliner. If you try it out, it's going to look super cute on you. The best part is that you won't need to do a lot to create this awesome look.


3. E-Girl Makeup For Dark Skin

If you have a darker complexion, this soft egirl makeup look is a must-try for you. All you have to do is to determine the kind of color palette that's going to work the best on your complexion. The Fenty beauty snap eye shadows are used by the YouTuber Evensya Xo for her eyes and she has played a key role in popularizing this role.


4. Blushy Egirl Look

Which girl doesn't like some pink blush tones on their makeup palette? If you are a true pink lover, then this makeup will surely win you over. This makeup look is all about monochromatic style merged with a pink look that can be easily applied on your face to bring about a pinkish blushy finish.


5. E-Girl With Eye Effect

Even though egirl makeup is all about cute designs on the eyes, some girls also try out other effects like that of joker and jester. Moreover, if you are not a pro at winged eyeliner, you can try out hooded eyeliner looks.


6. Basic Witch Makeup

Looking for cool Halloween makeup? This egirl makeup tutorial is meant for that part of the year when everyone puts on their spooky attire. The best part of this makeup look is that it can be easily used as a normal fall makeup. You can easily recreate this look by following the tutorial by Anzujaamu.


7. Blue E-Girl Makeup

If you love bold makeup and are obsessed with the warmest color that's blue, this egirl makeup is just meant for you. This makeup contains the use of a temporary tattoo on the face along with very detailed use of lip and eye color.


But before you go for the tattoo part, make sure that you don't have any allergic reaction with stick-on or fake tattoos. This look is a cross between Goth and eGirl and if you wish to try it out, follow the easy makeup tutorial by Alice Lockhart.


How to Create a Top eGirl Makeup Look 

Now that you have stumped into this post and gained a lot of insights into what an egirl makeup is all about, chances are that you will want to try out one of the popular looks for yourself.


Technically, an egirl is also someone who spends most of her waking hours on the internet and the world of gaming. We have known that the girls have their own signature look and now let's learn the ways of recreating it step by step.


No girl would want her makeup to fade with the passage of time. And thus, the first step is to smoothen the skin with a good quality makeup primer that can prepare your skin for the foundation and colors making their way.


2. Perfect Your Complexion

As you have allowed the primer to set on your skin, the following step is to perfect the base. When you have to choose the most suitable foundation for your skin, go for something with a natural finish that will not be heavy on your skin. This will make sure that your skin doesn't look cakey, but make your skin look natural with the imperfections removed. Bounce up the skin with a good quality cruelty-free foundation for an impeccable look.


3. Color Your Nose

One of the major points of the egirl makeup is coloring the tip of the nose along with the cheeks. So, as your skin is now ready for more after the primer and the foundation, bring on the blush on the tip of your nose. Take your favorite blush hue and start off from the bridge of the nose gradually extending onto the cheeks in a slight way.


Last but not the least, take a tapered brush for applying some highlighting powder on the nose tip. Actually, in this sort of look, the amount of blush used plays a significant role and you need to make sure that you shine bright like a diamond in this appearance.


4. Fill In the Brows

With this new makeup look, you cannot go wrong with your eyebrows. Pick up a good mechanical eyebrow pencil to fill up any sparse part of the brow line. Make sure you don't overdo anything and only use featherlike strokes for giving a fuller look. Shape up your arch with the same mechanical pencil and comb the brows lightly with a small spoolie for blending the eyebrows well.


5. Paint Your Eye Shadow

The next step is to decide the color you will sport on your eyelids. As it goes with most egirl makeup tutorials, they are known to go for a light pink, orangish or coral shade across the eyelids. You can lay your hands on any light eye shadow palette and use a doe foot applicator for adding these peachy-pink tones to the eyelids.


But in some makeup ideas, you will see that the egirls have gone overboard with the choice of their eyeshadow hues. Even though the common choices are red, purple, pink and orange, you can practically go for any color you love.


If you want, you can allow your eye shadow to go to the sides to the eyes down towards the cheeks rather than being restricted on the upper lids like normal makeup. To finish off the blending process, take up a fluffy and soft blending brush to help the color blend perfectly onto your crease.


Applying the eyeliner perfectly is what's going to make your look stand out. So you know what you will have to do here. Take your favorite eyeliner and create a seamless wing on each of your lids. For this look, the longer and bolder the wings, the better will be your makeup. Even if you have never tried winged eyeliner before, you shouldn't shy away from creating long wings on your eye sides.


If you are new in the world of makeup and have not perfected your wing creating skills yet, then you can go for those eyeliners which come with a removable wing for a flawless flick each time.


7. The Heart Eyes

Besides the blushed nose tips and the winged eyeliner, another signature aspect of the egirl makeup is the iconic heart-shaped tattoos right under both eyes. You can get ready to use heart-shaped stickers or draw cute little hearts with the help of your eyeliner. Make sure they are placed right at the center underneath your low eyelash line.


On the other hand, since this makeup is based on loads of experimenting and all about expressing yourself in the right way, you can also draw other cute shapes under the eyes. People generally go for stars and hearts but you can also try our drops and smileys that look super cute.


8. Coat Your Lashes

Any makeup without the right amount of mascara is useless. Get a full volume lasting mascara and apply generously over your lashes. Some people also prefer using false eyelashes for the ultimate egirl makeup look. Whether you will coat your lashes with waterproof mascara or use fake lashes for the purpose ultimate boils down to your preferences.


Even though your nose and eyes are at the center of your new look, it doesn't mean that you will neglect the look of your lips. You can color your lips with any of the nude shades of your choice. Also, there is no hard and fast rule about the shimmer of the lips which means you can choose between gloss and matte.


10. Setting Powder

Now that your makeup is complete and you are done with bits of perfection, give your face a few spritzes of makeup setter spray to ensure that your look lasts through the day.



When you have successfully created a beautiful egirl makeup, it's now time to don matching accessories for a complete aesthetic appearance. How about dying your color fluoro green or light mauve? Pair it up with the right clothing and a hat.


As it's already mentioned that being an egirl is sharing the daily incidents from the comfort of one's bedroom and revamping the look for fitting into the title. Invest in a few scrunchies, cute hairbands, and hair clips along with some hair chalk and iron wand.


If the look suits you and you are ready for more experiments, get yourself a nose ring too. This trend is here to stay and now is the right time to try out this fun, exciting, and anime look for your next social media post. 

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