How To Be An Egirl

The stereotyping of egirls has come into being with the advent of internet culture. But what's an egirl and how is she defined? Egirl doesn't yet have a dictionary definition and it means we have to depend on the glowing aesthetics. These are driven by her style and vibewhich cannot be mistaken with anything else.


What is an E-girl?

Egirls are typically those young women or teenagers who play online games and are always visible on Twitter, Instagram, Discord, or TikTok. Sometimes, the term is also used as a derogatory comment to belittle women. Many people have even objectified them who are seen as attention seekers who have invaded male spaces.


On the other hand, an egirl is a category word used for assembling various specifics that can fit into certain trends or common variants like the artsy, gamer, vsco egirl and the emo-egirl. This is a modern comprehension of the term that emerged from TikTok.


Often referred to as emo and goth girls, egirls dye their hair pink or green or blue, wear black and white outfits with stripes, fishnets, skirts with plaids along with chunky boots or heels. They also wear blush and highlighterwhile accessories like multiple chains can complement their complete look.


Basically, being an egirl implies online existence and using it as a medium of expression. This creates the homogenous culture of this micro-community. Since egirls do everything on an open platform, they are often posed as an object of ridicule.


But in reality, they have dual identities. In the offline mode, they lead a normal life, dress like every other girl, wear daily makeup which is entirely different from their online presence.


Characteristics of Egirl

When you think of egirls or even eboys, the thoughts that come to your mind are that they are hip young people with some well-defined traits including the fact that they are sizzling hot and always online. Well, this defines a lot of people including influencers.


But even though conventional influencers try to portray their lives with an inspirational streak in them, egirls refute the idea of generating income from their posts. In simpler terms, they are not interested in amassing followers by going to overhype tourist destinations every other week. They are likely to be found in their bedrooms alone.


This is the reason why you may never see an egirl in day-to-day life. Nevertheless, they are regular young people who shop online, experiment with their hair color, and put makeup in a particular way just like many of us may be doing.


So to be an egirl, you will have to exist online, always. But you know that she's an egirl when she is making a twitch presence online and some specific poses in her Instagram posts.

Winged eyeliner coupled with heavy eye makeup is a critical aspect of an egirl look quite like how it was in the time of Tumblr. But there's more to it. The pigtails along with pink cheeks and blushed nose tips are indicative of youth or some baby-like qualities.


It's a hypersexualized aesthetic with an anime streak where the girls may look a bit older or younger depending on the situation. It's the case with a lot of teenage trends but since it is entirely online, it's easier to manipulate the age using the available software and face-filters.


Another important characteristic of being an egirl is that it allows one to transcend location. No matter whether you are seated in Pennsylvania or Ohio, India or Ukraine, you can get yourself all the paraphernalia required to pose as an egirl with a gothic or hipster streak in the makeup.


What does an E-girl Look Like?

Egirls are young girls with a 'cool' attitude, bold eyeliners with wings, blushed cheeks, dark matte or lightly glossed lips, posting videos and pictures from the comfort of their homes. Moreover, they wear crop tops or tee with A-line skirts to complete their looks.


If you use the internet actively through online gaming or anime with a nerdy aspect to your looks, chances are that you are an egirl. But what's the proper way of being an egirl? The internet is flooded with ideas of being an egirl, let's find out how you can be one of them.


Choose the Type of Egirl   

In case you are willing to sell any service on the internet, you run the odds of being a gamer girl. The content that most people are looking for is to have someone to play online games with.


But these egirls can be broadly categorized under three heads. Understanding each of these classifications will help you select the kind of outfits and makeup that suits your choice and also aid you bank off. Here go the three categories:


The Newbie

This is the first category and as the name implies, it's entirely for beginners who don't know what they are doing and what they want out of it. You can go for this in case you have just started with your game. But that will not be an issue as long as you are prepared to be wanting to learn the game and your abilities to play.


The Tryhard

This class of egirl has been all immersed in the game. Their range of function starts from being in the highest ranking to having all the skins for each character. By being the Tryhard egirl, you are going to be the God of your game. You will have to be a great player who has to know everything about the game you play.


No matter who you play with, your companion is sure to love your gaming skills. This style of gaming is mostly suited for people who are looking for help in the game and are searching for someone who can coach or carry them.


The Casual

This kind of egirl plays games for more fun and this look is suited for those belonging to mid-level rank and has skins for the main. But when they are playing, their objective is to have a good time rather than winning the game.


You have to say Gg for the team regardless of the outcome of the game. This attracts more customers than anything else. You are playing there for fun and this is your uniqueness in the game.


The egirl is not a sweet personality, rather it's daunting at times. An egirl lies on the opposite side of the spectrum of a soft girl. While both of these types are fashion aesthetics, the soft girl has a soft and cute personality and the egirl lies on the edgy side.


Thus, if you are looking to sporting this aesthetic for yourself, you will first have to qualify for this kind of virtual personality. Even if you are not an egirl, you can try out these looks just for fun and the bee6 art is that you can do them in various ways to suit your taste and preferences. Let's see the various steps of becoming an egirl.



A moderately dark facial makeup is the first mark of identification for an egirl. They tend to wear very dark makeup, especially on their eyes. Dark black eyeliners with on-point face makeup, contrast eyeshadows are always found on their looks.


Another thing you should be sure of while putting on the egirl makeup is to have thick, black eyebrows. Depending on your preference, you can don a straight eyebrow or have it curved.


Hair accessories also play a huge part in the overall aesthetic of an egirl. Since they are really cute girls who you get to see on the internet, it's obvious that they will sport some really cute hair accessories as well.


They experiment a lot with their hair and use minimalistic hair accessories whether they have it colored or some adorable silver accessories. All you will have to do is to get hold of some cute and awesome hair accessories that can find its way into your vanity.


Silver is an inherent part of their overall looks and is deemed as one of the defining features of an egirl. In order to complete your looks as an egirl, you will have to wear silver in whichever way you choose right from bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and also long silver chains in multiple layers.


The outfit styling of egirls has its roots in the emo culture of 2010 and the emo girl that was in vogue a decade earlier has now transformed into the egirl of 2020. It's easy to decide whether a girl is trying to sport the egirl look just by looking at her Instagram or TikTok feed.


You will mostly have to cram up your wardrobe with black outfits of all kinds. If you are a lover of black like these egirls, then it will be easier for you to begin the styling. Just put on some plain black tee with black pants or skirts. You can also pair it off with a black beanie and you are all set to pose as an egirl.


Coming to the hair of the egirls, they tend to sport their hair in attractive colors whenever they can. The hair color should pop up in the crowd and make them entirely different. This can be achieved either with the use of wigs or bleaching their hair entirely. But generally, you will see an egirl having different hair colors in a span of a week.

This stems from their love for trying out new stuff and as a result, they have a number of wigs at their disposal. These wigs may have brilliant colors like fluoro green or peach or Fuschia pink. It goes without saying that trying out new hair colors from time to time is highly expensive and thus, it's better to start off with possessing a wig or two.


Difference between Egirls and VSCO girls  

Alongside the egirl trends, another biggest trend that the internet has witnessed in recent years is the VSCO girl. They both have their origins in TikTok but there are more differences between these two categories than similarities. Some people even consider one kind as the alter ego of the other.


VSCO girls are regarded as a new class of young modern hipsters. It is a new trend lying outside of what's mainstream and is centered around teenagers who are in middle school or high school. Their focus lies in trendy initiatives and VSCO girls never miss out on a chance of dressing up as adorable.


Another major point of difference between egirls and VSCO girls is that the latter is always trying to take measures in saving the planet. They are always after promoting the use of shell necklaces, bamboo stuff, and reusable items. However, such traits are not applicable for egirls.


Egirl and Eboy

Derived from the term egirl, eboy is simply defined as the male form of this anime-inspired emo or goth TikTok girl. An eboy is simply a boy who takes to the internet to dress up differently and express himself. But there is a lot more to the explanation of an eboy than just being a male counterpart for the egirl.


Even though egirls were found on the internet for a long time, eboys have a comparatively new presence on the internet. They tend to wear graphic tees, loose-fitted pants, and heavy makeup just like the egirls. Another point of similarity is that just like egirls, they are also an object of online ridicule and it's all the more difficult to spot them in the real world.



Unraveling the various subcultures of Gen-Z is very significant for the retailers as various online media are acknowledging their active role in the world of fashion. There is more to associating a girl or a boy with the word 'electronic'. Typicallythese two terms are used to mean those who spend a lot of time online and hone a specific style of persona for adequately representing themselves online.

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