Top 10 Kawaii Hairstyles You Need to Try | Kawaii Hair Ideas

Kawaii - the Japanese word meaning cute - has a special place in the culture. It can describe everything, including kawaii hairstyles.

Kawaii style and culture have even amassed its own style of clothing and hair that is youthful, doll-like, innocent, and sweet.

The best part is, anyone can hop onboard the kawaii trend with the right hair styling tips.

Certain kawaii hairstyles and wigs, for example, encapsulate the look perfectly.

To learn more about accomplishing the perfect kawaii hair makeover, read on.

Top 10 Kawaii Hairstyles:

1. Short Hairstyles

Kawaii hair can be long and flowing, or in this case, short and spiky.

In Anime, short hairstyles are common in female roles. They’re usually meant to say something about the girl’s personality.

shot wig

For example, Hana Midorikawa is shy and sports a prim and proper style as a result.

If you’re a fan of anime and want to create that cute and punky look seen on some of your favorite characters, use a dime-sized amount of hair gel. Add it to shoulder length hair to create some texture.

This can also work on a pixie-cut if you want dramatic and kawaii short hair. This cut is bold and sure to garner plenty of positive attention.

2. Bob Hairstyle

If your hair is a bit longer than a pixie cut, a bob length for example, opt for a round cut with bangs to soften your face.

bob hair

This bob hairstyle is perfect for putting your delicate features on display.

If you’re nervous about committing to a shorter hairstyle, opt for a bob wig instead to give you more options when styling your hair.

An asymmetrical bob, one that’s longer in the front and shorter in the back, is ideal if you’re going for a combination of chic and kawaii.

3. Long Hairstyles

Long hairstyles give you the freedom to play around with various kawaii styles.

Add some side-swept bangs to enhance your sweet features.

Of course, you can always add hair extensions to lengthen your locks too. Most long kawaii styles reach the mid-back, with plenty of curls, waves, and volume.

You may also want to throw a wig on, if you wish to try a cute fashion color, such as pastel pink or green.

long wig

Opt for long layers if you wish to create some texture.

Last but not least, there are the old Kiki side braids with the giant red bow.

Whatever you do, make sure it matches the shape of your face well.

In Anime, long hairstyles are common for leading female roles. In that case, it is usually the color that is telling of her main traits.

For example, red often screams edgy passion while pink suggests a softer and more feminine personality.

4. Royal or Hime Hairstyles

Whether it’s the super-long hair with curls at the end or the bun with colorful sticks, Royal Kawaii hairstyles are always highly decorative. They can also make for cute fairy hairstyles.

Royal hairstyles are regal and enchanting, so play around with various styles. Add loops, curls, and braids for a look fit for a modern-day princess.

royal hairstyle

Gold and gems can also complete your look, so keep an eye out for hair glitter, or baroque inspired hairpieces to look like an anime queen or dainty princess.

One of the royal cosplay wigs that are good with a tiara is the curled and braided style with two very long and thin curls in the front.

royal hairstyle

In Anime, the styles of the royal girls are almost always decorative and tidy. They’re also often enormous to compliment their thin frames.

5. Blinding Bangs

As the name suggests, the blinding bangs are when the bangs cover over your eyes. Many prefer to do so with a synthetic wig.

blinding bangs

You can do it naturally but it will probably take a little while for your hair to grow that long.

However, please be sure that you can see through your bangs.

In Anime, the military characters often have partially blind bangs to suggest their hidden but deadly toughness. In others, they’re simply used to accentuate that particular character’s appeal.

6. Bun Hairstyles

If there’s one thing you almost can’t go wrong within Kawaii hairstyles, it’s buns.

You can do everything from twin buns to the giant high bun with an equally large bow.

bun hair style

In Anime, female characters with buns are made to look feminine, cute, and adorable. 

7. Ponytails

For another everyday style, a ponytail is sleek, cute, and professional.

Unlike the traditional U.S. ponytail, the Kawaii style isn’t simply about pulling the hair back or to the side. 


Curl the ends with a curling wand for a more ‘dolled-up’ look. You can also add ribbons or braids to complete the style.

Alternatively, try adding a floral hairpiece at the base of your ponytail to make your hair stand out in a crowd.

It is also one of the most common styles seen in Anime. They’re often used to represent take-charge roles, such as the student council lead or living life on their own terms, such as Hitagi Senjagahara.

8. Twintails

The twintails style is another youthful variation of a ponytail. If you have thicker hair, try this style.


Part your hair in the middle and section off both halves with elastic bands. Make sure that you tie the hair up high onto your head for more volume.

Surely you can get a twin-tails wig to enjoy this style.

The style is reminiscent of the Japanese school-girl style, so turn to this aesthetic for more inspiration.


9. Hair Drills

Also known as Princess Curls, or Ojou Ringlets, this style is both sweet and feminine.

It will also keep your hair out of your face. Curl your hair inwards to create gorgeous ribbon spirals. You can also use overnight rollers for a heatless option.

Hair drills are just as rare in Anime as in real life. However, when they do show up, they really catch everyone’s attention. They look as if they could act as jackhammers.

They are used on a variety of characters from those with a more arrogant to a more sweet personality.

hair drills

10. Lolita Hairstyles

Lolita is inspired by the Victorian era, but with a twist.

For this style of hair, use oversized bows, bonnets, ribbons, and artificial flower hairpieces.

You may also need pastel-colored wigs, or extensions to achieve more dramatic Lolita looks. Flower crowns and berets are other suitable accessories you can use.

The only rule is to be creative and show off your unique style. You can attempt Lolita inspired ponytails, twintails, ballerina buns, braids, and more.

Of course, they usually come with thick bangs and side tufts. 

lolita hair


How to create Kawaii Hairstyles On Your Own

1. Simple Side

In this one, you just take the first section of the top of your hairline and braid it down the side. Secure it back with a couple of bobby pins.



kawaii hairstyles

2. Back Twist OR Side

A second option is to carefully section off a small piece of your hair on your side hairline. Braid it and then secure it with a small twist.

kawaii hairstyles

3. Back Braid

You can also pull some hair back into a third ponytail. Then braid the sides into a couple of bulk twists from small sections on the sides of your hairline.


kawaii hairstyles


4. Waterfall Braid Side Bun

Secure one section of hair into a side ponytail. On the other side, braid from the top of your hairline, securing your hairline’s sections as you go down the nape of your neck.

Secure it once you get close to the other ear. Then take your side ponytail and wrap it up in a bun.

kawaii hairstyles

5. Zig Zag

Pull your hair back into a thin third of a ponytail. Then do the same with a second section from one side and a third section from the opposite side. Secure the remainder of your hair into a low ponytail.

kawaii hairstyles

6. ‘Princess Leia’, Hime Style

Remember, the Kawaii version isn’t quite like the traditional. Just section off your first line of hair from your bang tufts and braid them. Then wrap the braids up into two small buns and secure.

kawaii hairstyles

7. Braid Ponytails 

First, separate your hair into two sections on the back and twist them into very small sections. Secure them as you go.

Once you’ve done both, pull them together and secure in a very low ponytail. You can add a bow if you want to or put your ponytail up into a low bun.

kawaii hairstyles


8. Bow Knot

Section the top of one side in two and braid them. Then tie the braids into two separate loops and connect the two loops in the very center with a thin piece of hair.

kawaii hairstyles



9. Rose Bun

First, section your hair off into a third ponytail. Braid the ponytail in two and secure. Then twist the braids together. Twist the braids into a small bun.

kawaii hairstyles



How to Care for Your Kawaii Wig

If you are wearing a wig, a cosplay wig as it were, for the kawaii look, you should take care of it in a proper way.

For starters, you want to wash your kawaii wig every four to six weeks to banish sweat and dirt. Use a special paddle brush to take care of any knots, as anything else may be too harsh and rip the hairs.

Always handle your wig very gently and store it on something like a styling head.

Never rub, twist or wring it.

Never wear it when it’s wet.

Use shampoos and conditioners that are made especially for synthetic wigs. They’re better at maintaining the wig’s original style and pattern.

Also, you can use wig styling tools to prevent breakage.

Always let it air dry to prevent damage and never wear it too near BBQ grills or fire pits. Don’t wear it on a pillow or upholstered furniture.

If you’re planning to wear a choker or any necklaces, be sure to put those on first.

Lastly, wigs should be your go-to if you want to achieve certain fairy or kawaii hairstyles.


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