Caring for your fabric

Fabric is precious. We've put together a few guidelines to help you care for your new purchase. It's a good idea to pre-wash any washable natural fibres that you will be washing in the future, as some shrinkage may occur.We recommend pre-washing in the same way you intend to wash your future fabric creation including drying.

Wash light and bright colours separately, as some colours may run in their first few washes. Please note, these care tips are guidelines only and variations will apply to some fabrics. Extra care should be taken when washing high contrast prints with highly saturated pigments like red, black and navy on a light coloured base cloths. These prints can be prone to colour bleed and should be cold washed, and dried without delay.

Special washing instructions will apply to some fabrics such as satins, sequinned, beaded, coated or foiled fabrics as well as specialty weights/styles and delicate items. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please follow the care & prewash guidelines as outlined below as we are unable to accept claims on fabrics which have been laundered incorrectly.


Machine washable and bleachable if white. Wash colours separately, do not twist/wring. Tumble dry on cool setting or dry in shade to avoid fading. Use a hot/warm iron on cotton setting. Drycleanable.


Cold machine wash, do not bleach. Wash colours separately, do not twist/wring. Tumble dry on low temperature. Use a cool iron.


It is recommended to wash by hand. When washing, try not to rub or twist the brush, and use mild soap or laundry detergent for cleaning

Linen / Hemp

Cool handwash or gentle machine wash. Wash colours separately, do not twist/wring. Tumble dry on cool setting or dry in shade to avoid fading. Use a warm/hot iron on linen setting. Drycleanable.


The water temperature should not too high to avoid deformation due to excessive heat. Do not rub vigorously when washing to avoid small hair balls. Avoid exposure to sunlight and drying, and should be dried in the shade. Nylon has poor heat resistance and should be ironed at low temperatures.


When washing, it is best to use neutral laundry detergent or soap. Gently squeeze and do not rub vigorously. After washing, air dry in a ventilated area, do not hang or expose to sunlight to prevent the yarn from hanging straight or discoloring.


Dry clean only. Do not spot clean. Never iron as ironing is likely to crush or flatten the natural pile. A hand held steamer can be used to remove creasing. Alternatively, hang your fabric or garment in a steamy bathroom as the steam may help relax any creasing. We would recommend that you unpack your fabric upon arrival and store it rolled, rather than folded. Velvet garments are best kept hanging. Avoid using clip hangers as these can bruise or mark the fabric.


Dryclean only or handwash at your own risk using a silk friendly detergent. If hand washing, wash colours separately, do not wring, drip dry in shade. Do not bleach or tumble dry. Use a warm iron on silk setting.


When washing, it is best to wash by hand with neutral soap or detergent, and it is not advisable to rub vigorously. It cannot be machine washed or soaked, and should be washed immediately; Hang up the clothes for storage, otherwise they may be flattened or creased, affecting their appearance


Dryclean only, use steam when pressing, brush wool to remove surface soil.


Before washing, simply fix the color, such as adding a little salt to the water.


Dryclean only. Please note some of these fabrics are delicate so please be careful against rough surfaces and snagging.