Size Guide

We know how hard it can be to figure out your size!
Since every body type differs, taking your own measurements will help you find the perfect size. Our size guide includes body measurements as well as size conversions from International size to UK, US and EU sizes.

When reading the description of a style, look for words like 'fitted', 'loose' or 'baggy' to get an understanding of how the style fits. We also make notes about our models sizes and height as well as what they are wearing, to help you gauge for yourself.

Bust: Measure from the stitches below the armpits on one side to another.
Sleeves: Measure from where the shoulder seam meets armhole to the cuff.
Waist: Measure straight across the narrowest waist line from edge to edge.
Hips: Measure straight across the widest hip line from edge to edge.
Length: Measure from where the shoulder seam meets the collar to the hem.
Thigh: Measure the circumference of the fullest part of your thigh.